NRC responds to plant security violations

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The US nuclear regulator has proposed fining Exelon Nuclear after security guards were caught napping whilst on duty at its Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. A security worker at Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA’s) Sequoyah site, meanwhile, has been found to have falsified inventory data at the plant.

In September 2007, a guard at the Peach Bottom site released a video showing other guards dozing while on duty. An investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) concluded that there had been “multiple occasions” in which guards were “inattentive” in a plant ‘ready room’ – a room in which they may read, study, eat or relax whilst not on patrol or on watch, but where they must remain ready to respond.

A broad review of security at all of Exelon’s plants was carried out and, although there were no issues of concern found at other sites, Exelon concluded that future security management and operations would be best brought in-house. The company subsequently replaced the security force provided by Wackenhut Nuclear Services at all ten of its nuclear power plants with its own in-house teams.


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