Missouri’s Chernobyl:Bootheel uranium miningposes real safety threat

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.
The current uranium mining/exploration operation in the Bootheel is similar to Chernobyl on two points:

— Both places, the Ukraine and the delta counties of Missouri, have some of the best agricultural soils in the world. The area around Chernobyl never again can be used in humanity’s lifespan.

— The Mississippi County area has the potential to end up in the same boat because in situ leaching will cross both the St. Francis and Ozark aquifers, potentially forever contaminating them with uranium as well as other heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic. Those minerals are also found in Missouri’s bedrock limestone. That water is used for irrigation and potentially could spread heavy metals, including uranium, all over the Bootheel.



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