China tested first nuke-bomb for Pak in 1990: US arms expert

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Washington (PTI): China had tested for Pakistan its first nuclear bomb as early as in 1990, enabling Islamabad to respond within weeks to the Indian atomic tests eight years later, a top US nuclear expert has claimed.

“The Chinese did a massive training of Pakistani scientists, brought them to China for lectures, even gave them the design of the CHIC-4 device, which was a weapon that was easy to build a model for export,” former US Air Force Secretary Thomas Reed told American news magazine ‘US News and World Report’.

Reed, who had worked at Livermore National Laboratory as a weapons designer, had co-authored a new book — The Nuclear Express: A Political History of the Bomb and Its Proliferation — with Danny Stillman, the former director of the technical intelligence division at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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