2008: Nukes in Review

Please read article, cited after the quote. Articles open in a new window.

The nuclear renaissance came in like a lion and went out like a three eyed fish. Its still too early to tell just what the coming year will bring, but the initial signs are that if any thing, we can expect a whole new agenda to arrive along with the Obama administration. Whether we will be seeing a rehash of Clinton or something more enlightened is the question?

I think the current crisis and where things go or not can be boiled down to what economist Paul Krugman said just a week ago in a presentation he made before the National Press Club. We are in serious shit and the only way out is if the government comes up with some of the biggest public works projects in US history this year.  The problem of course, is that this isn’t 1933 and the 600,000 jobs a month being lost cover a rather wide spectrum of the skilled and unskilled sectors of the economy.  I can just imagine seeing unemployable MBA’s digging ditches or putting up solar panels on their neighbor’s rooftops can’t you!   Sorry, but there just aren’t any off the shelve super jobs programs out there, other than the prison camp business.  Oh! shucks, you mean we could free ourselves from the Wall Street Plantation mindset, and set up Lester Brown’s Plan B? Don’t hold your breath!  The global drug dealers are terrified of this, thus the cheap gas prices.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for,  a review of the major stories and issues around the world and here in the US on nukes.  Note that this is a quick draft of some of the stories that most have  never heard, thanks to the corporate media. Note that after each summary there is a link where you can go look at news stories over the last year directly.


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