Zuno Pueblo Helps Rare New Mexico Fish

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A fish once found throughout the Zuni River watershed has been reduced to three small populations in a couple of remote canyons that slice through western New Mexico, so biologists and conservationists have teamed up to keep the fish from disappearing.

The Zuni bluehead sucker, a colorful fish less than 8 inches long, is considered endangered by state wildlife officials and is a candidate for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act.

The sucker’s population has decreased by about 90 percent in the past two decades. It now numbers around 2,000.

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‘My Life is My Sun Dance’ Theater

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‘My Life is My Sun Dance’ Theater

My Life is My Sun Dance, theater production of Leonard Peltier’s sufferings and dreams

From Harvey Arden

Leonard Peltier’s stage play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE is a soul-transforming theatrical experience that is a living expression of his own words, his own pain, his own dreams –as well as the suffering and dreams of his People.
We seek patrons, donors, sponsors, theater folk & plain old long-suffering Peltier supporters (Bless’m)–to assist Keith Rabin and me in bringing this amazing production on tour to cities and rez communities around the nation and abroad this spring ’09 & onwards. Any suggestions or comments about the play should go to keith@mylifeismysundance.com
Leonard is now 64 . He’s been in prison since he was 31. I ask EACH of you personally to step forward NOW– and assist us with ideas, theater info, purchases of CDs, books or Peltier support items all available here https://mylifeismysundance.com/catalog/
And–yes, please–reach into your heart and make a modest donation to In Peace Productions right on the website. Keith Rabin has already gone deeply into debt to create it so we have a legit professional touring the U.S., Canada and overseas in 2009-2010. Leonard DOES enthusiastically support Keith Rabin and In Peace Productions.
This play can help free Leonard as the film Hurricane helped free Hurricane Carter
As co-playwright with Leonard, I have given outright my entire co-playwright’s share, plus quite a few personal thousands, to ‘In Peace Productions’, created by Keith Rabin specifically to make a reality of Leonard’s play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE. Please reach into your heart and your soul and your pocketbook to help us stage this play and bring Leonard’s continuing CRUCIFIXION–33 years on the Cross of American Injustice–to center-stage of AMERICA’S CONSCIENCE. It’s time we took Leonard down from his Cross.
Puh-leeze FWD this notice to friends and post on lists.
Become part of the history of your Own Times!
His captivity must end!
Special note from Keith: Please watch for our upcoming January ’09 speaking tour of Utah, Nevada, California and Santa Fe, N.M.. We have dates open if you’re interested in meeting Harvey or seeing his powerful spoken-word performances. For more information please contact Keith Rabin at Keith@mylifeismysundance.com
Funds to make this play a reality are needed. To assist in funding Leonard’s wondrous play, the following hard-to-find books authored/edited by Harvey Arden have been donated for sale here with limited signed copies available https://mylifeismysundance.com/catalog/
~ WISDOMKEEPERS: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders
~ DREAMKEEPERS: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia
~ TRAVELS IN A STONE CANOE: Return to the Wisdomkeepers
~ NOBLE RED MAN: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King
2008 “Free Peltier Flag are also for sale at the above website Your browser may not support display of this image.
For more information contact keith@mylifeismysundace.com
Maybe you alone can’t save the world … but it certainly won’t be saved without you.
Paris: International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
On October 11th 300 people gathered in Paris, France for the International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas after several presentations from other Indigenous peoples from Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, French Guyana, US, and Canada. This event was also celebrating the 30th year anniversary for the Committee in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of Americas which also represents the Leonard Peltier Support Group in France.
This statement was read by Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee.
From Leonard Peltier
Greetings my relatives from all over the world!
I am extremely sorry I can’t be there with you today. I am deeply honored that I can speak to you today even though it is through someone else. First, I want to commend you all for your dedication in furthering rights for Indigenous People throughout the world. Prison has a way of causing deep reflection as I suppose any form of isolation would. In my reflection, I have always come to the conclusion that my relationship with the Creator, my family, the earth, my fellow Indigenous relatives are the most important things to me. I try to keep up with what is going on in the world by any form of media that is available to us. I know many of you in your homelands are greatly persecuted and displaced from your homes. I know many of you are exploited, with resources taken away, and I know that oftentimes your people are killed because multinational companies want the resources from your land. I want you to know that I recognize that we have a common enemy. That common enemy has many faces. It speaks many different languages and wears many different uniforms. I know that its motivation is always the same. They are motivated by their obsession for wealth and their greed, always taking more than they need from the earth. I can’t say that I know the answer for our survival. I’m sure there isn’t any one answer but I truly believe that whatever the answer is, it has to begin with us. We must find every way that we can to make ourselves strong; to make our children strong; to make our faith strong and our connection to Creator strong. We must learn to use the tools of today to protect ourselves from the challenges of their greed tomorrow. We must be relentless in teaching our children how to fight back. We must be relentless in warning our children to not become like the enemy. We must be relentless in teaching our children to respect Mother Earth, the Creator, their fellow man, and to respect their brother’s vision while maintaining their vigilance and guard over our lands and resources.
Someone once said that the greatest battle a warrior must fight is the one inside himself. We must develop ourselves first, and then seek to develop self discipline and self respect within our own groups. I have seen it happen time and time again. Some of our people have self destructed within their own organizations before they had begun to contend with the enemy. I hope I haven’t offended anyone by what I have said. I am just being honest about the most significant challenge we face. We cannot demand our rights. We cannot demand respect. We cannot demand our freedom or any of these other things until we are in a position of strength. One of the ways we can magnify the strength we do have is by continually networking with one another, forming alliances, the way we are doing here today.
Also we should seek to teach the world about our Indigenous traditions that have allowed our survival. We should seek to teach the world of the greatest manifestation of the Creator that we have to relate to and that is Mother Earth. We should teach the world that the highest technology in all the universe is the technology of the Creator. The most productive thing that we can do is to seek to live in harmony with that technology, with the environment the Creator has provided for us. And perhaps in that teaching we will find a way to destroy our enemies by making them our friends. In the meantime, we must stay strong and strengthen ourselves and our children. We must further our alliances and networks as you are doing here today. My heart and love goes out to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I would like to say a special thank you to the organizers of this event and a special thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. I thank you with all my heart.
Your relative,
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Leonard Peltier


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SEMEY, KAZAKHSTAN // Family medical histories in and around Semey, a town in north-east Kazakhstan, read like horror stories.

It has been two decades since the Soviet Union ended a nuclear test programme close to Semey, but the hundreds of explosions carried out have left a sinister legacy of cancer, birth defects, infertility and other abnormalities. Men and women have lost spouses in early middle age, while children have died young or been born with severe deformities.

“All my relatives, children and grandchildren are sick,” said Kasenova Kabuda, a 69-year-old who lives in a village called Sarzhal close to Semey


CENTRAL COMMITTEE: GOP tour gets pitch for Yucca

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The idea of storing spent nuclear fuel rods underground in the Nevada desert wasn’t always politically radioactive in Nevada. In the 1970s, the state Legislature even passed a resolution in favor of the idea.

In 1987, Congress passed the legislation that’s been dubbed the “Screw Nevada Bill,” which singled out Yucca Mountain as the designated final resting place for all that nuclear material, the byproduct of commercial nuclear power plants nationwide as well as military nuclear uses.

In the 1990s, as the U.S. Department of Energy pushed ahead with plans for the repository, activists and the nuclear industry fought a battle for public opinion in Nevada. The anti-Yucca forces won, as state policymakers and an overwhelming majority of Nevadans concluded that the project was unfair and unsafe.


Mystery illness plagues Lawton Gulf War Army veteran

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LAWTON — Recollections are increasingly harder for Gulf War veteran Gary Secor to corral. His memory loss trips him often and is matched with diminishing muscles, nagging joint aches, chronic fatigue and slurred speech.

But one image is entrenched in his mind as clearly as it was more than 17 years ago when he served with the U.S. Army’s 299th Combat Engineers in southern Iraq. The image is from the day he believes he and his comrades were exposed to nuclear, biological, and chemical nerve agents.

On March 10, 1991, Secor and other demolition experts were ordered to blow up Iraq’s massive ordnance stash at Khamisiyah.


Texas can take lessons from Finland’s nuclear power plant delays

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The round-the-clock shifts are trying to resurrect nuclear power, an energy option that fell out of favor in 1986 when the Soviet Union’s Chernobyl reactor exploded.

The revival is not going well.

The new Olkiluoto plant is struggling with cost overruns and delays. These are especially vexing in Finland’s deregulated electricity market, where utilities can’t just pass on the added costs without risking a flight of customers to other power suppliers. The plant is at least two years behind schedule