MNN: Bye, bye Canada! It wasn’t nice knowing ya!

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Mohawk Nation News

Dec. 3, 2008. The vermin have come out of the woodwork. Now that Canada’s Parliament has been suspended, it should now be obvious to everyone, Canada is not a democracy. It never was. It is a colony that has a single person, the Queen, sitting on top as the head of state. It’s been run for the benefit of a few business interests. It only pretends to protect the people.
Canada has no land base as Ongwehonwe never gave up anything. Turtle Island and its resources belong to us.
On December 4th 2008 Canada’s Parliament was “prorogued.” In other words, the pretense of representative government of the colony was dissolved. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper presented a bogus budget to Parliament. He wanted to cut corporate taxes, slash social, education and health programs. He even wanted to cut off the election subsidies to the parties. It was outrageous. He knew it would be rejected. His party was outnumbered. Next Monday, December 8th, he would have had to face a vote of “non-confidence,” lose and then step down. Then another election would have been called with just about the same result as the last one. Harper would have had another minority government. Canadians have spoken. They don’t him to have too much power.
The other parties, the Liberals, New Democratic and Bloc Quebec, decided to form a coalition, which was legal according to their colonial structure. It made sense. It followed Canadian cultural precedent. It has to have been anticipated by Harper and whoever pulls his strings.
What was the real plan? The Governor General of Canada, Michaele Jean, had been sent to Europe to be near whoever pulls the strings of her boss, Queen Elizabeth. The Governor General was called back “suddenly” to fulfill this colonial metaphor about being a single head of state, the “maharajah” who reigns over her subjects in Canada. Harper asked the Governor General to discontinue Parliament for eight weeks [or more].
“Prorogue” means to discontinue meetings of parliament without dissolving it. In other words, it’s a dictatorship. The Prime Minister can indefinitely extend his term of office if he can create the “need” for it. It was a measure meant to take care of emergencies – like war. It was not meant to allow a prime minister to assume dictatorial power, or to do an end run around the discussions that should take place when people living in widely separate places with different needs have to work together. Canada’s chaotic state is a sign that differences are coming out and their system cannot deal with it.
During this time Harper does either as he’s told or as he pleases according to the secret clique that’s pushing him. In the meantime, Harper has set up meetings across Canada to rile up the people into a frenzy of anger, pitting everybody against each other. His remarks about the people in Quebec have been particularly offensive and meant to start fights. Is he trying to break up Canada? Or is he just trying to create a “pretext” for martial law? Is it a coincidence that the military conducted exercises to prepare for this eventuality just two weeks ago? Why have there been so many problems lately with the police who are freely killing, shooting and assaulting innocent people? This has been happening everywhere involving city police, provincial police, RCMP, CBSA and CSIS [secret service]. Are they trying to normalize violence?
It’s been called an “economic crisis”. Then what’s the excuse for setting up a totalitarian regime? Unless the time has come for someone to cash in! Should Harper and his “counsel of foreign advisors” decide that the situation has gotten “out of hand,” he could maintain martial law indefinitely. This would give him time to bring everybody and everything under control. His backers can then “take the money and run.”
As it stands Harper can be sent around the world to make deals to sell off our resources, and then pocket the money. Who can stop him? It’s time for people to do some serious thinking about the real meaning of “democracy.” There has to be some real consultation with the people, which he doesn’t want.
Canada’s “pseudo democracy” is dangerous. It lets a single person take dictatorial control to sell off resources without regard for the welfare of the people. We would like to suggest to Canadians that it is time for them to take a serious look at the Great Law of Peace, a tried and proven model that shows how people can work together without having a leader or head of state. It shows how differences of opinion are turned into strengths that contribute to a solution that benefits everyone.
Today Canadians are groping to be saved. It is totally absurd that someone in England can rule Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, through their nominee, the “prime minister.” Equality failed for the colonists because in their hierarchical system they want a “prime” minister, governor general, queen or a Don to sit on top and dictate to everybody. In the beginning the colonists looked at our Great Law constitution and tried to create a model with some of the principles of equality and everyone having a voice. It did not work because of their refusing to create a balance of power.
The colonizers have no choice but to see the land our way if they want to save themselves. Today there is no caretaking as access to our resources is being dictated by outsiders who represent the colonizers, who want to dig out everything and cart it away, leaving us to cope with the toxic waste. Colonizers will not find balance as long as they have imperial thinking that uses a single person as “head of state” or a CEO to run the corporation.
The megalomaniacs think they can control the world and do anything they please with impunity. It’s based on mathematical formulas where only a few people are in control and get the benefits. The psychotics separate themselves from the people and the natural environment. This cannibalistic structure is being shaken.
It is supposedly the international position that everyone is a custodian of the land. What is the reality? The whole economy of Canada and the U.S. has been based on greed and expansion for the business viability for a few. New technology pushes this idea along. In the long run this can’t work because we are not looking after our mother as one earth where we all have to stay rooted. So it’s coming to an end. We have lots of challenges. We have to learn how to achieve balance and a way of life that respects us, our land and everything on it. The bosses of the colonizers must be forced to let go of their greed. Is this possible?
As it looks, the Queen and the oligarchs have no further use for their colonists here in their present state. They used their natural energies and labor to build something false for themselves. They controlled their minds. In fact, they enslaved them and took all the products for themselves. Now they are taking them to a new level of bondage. Canada has expired as they thought they knew it. We Ongwehonwe were spared because we always resisted. So all they got from us was our resources. We still have our minds and our basic relations with the land and with each other.
Stephen Harper can do whatever he pleases because he is being protected by?- the “mob?” It’s obvious he does not care about the decaying infrastructure or crumbling programs that are falling apart. They were always meant to be short term until they finished taking what they wanted. The squabbling colonists and their puppeteers have to get off our backs. They have to go back to the original relationship with us as the owners of the land and the colonizers as our “visitors.”
The North American Union NAU is the next totalitarian step. The oligarchs are going to amalgamate the land of the Indigenous people of the colonial entities of Mexico, U.S. and Canada. They want a free flow of commerce to benefit a few capitalists. They want to tighten their grip on the people and get rid of human rights. Everybody has to resist this potential slavery. We demand that they leave their destructive and grasping schemes behind and move toward a proper and legal relationship with us.
To save yourselves, Canadians, you have to take on our basic principles of equality, everybody having a voice, taking care of the land, living peacefully and respecting us and each other.
Karakwine & MNN Staff
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Prosecution urged for John Yoo, architect of torture

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Prosecution urged for John Yoo, architect of torture

Please take a moment this weekend or Monday to contact the City Council of Berkeley CA and urge them to pass a resolution critical of “torture professor” John Yoo, on the faculty of the law school at UC Berkeley:
Silence In a Time of Torture Signifies Tacit Approval
From Debra Sweet, The World Can’t Wait

A message from Linda Rigas, JC Candidate, New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts, member of + Legal Intern, Physicans for Human Rights
BERKELEY, Calif. — The Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission’s recommendation to the City Council presents an important call for all Americans to stand in opposition to abetting John Yoo, University of California professor and author of the “Torture Memos” which were key to the establishment of a system of state torture. This Resolution calls for John Yoo to be prosecuted for war crimes and dismissed from his position as Professor of Law at Boalt Hall.
The ramifications of the Resolution ensure that torture is not tolerated in the city of Berkeley and will serve as a model for other communities’ efforts to hold high administration officials of torture to account. The passage of the John Yoo Resolution presents a critical step in investigating the codification, implementation, and acceleration of the authorization of torture-a responsible step that must now be taken to call for the end of torture as a pillar for endless war., a member of the No To Torture – John Yoo Must Go Coalition, supports the Commission’s John Yoo Resolution and asks organizations and individual advocates to do the same. Fire John Yoo encourages directly contacting city council members to support the Resolution, and to visibly stand and speak out against torture before the City Council on December 8th. If you are unable to attend the Public Hearing, please write a statement that can be submitted to the Council. By taking these actions, we can have an enormous impact on the direction the U.S. will take in honoring its commitment to rescind the use of torture.
People of conscience demand the removal of John Yoo, legal architect of the Bush Regime’s torture policies, from the employ of the University of California. How will the community of Berkeley respond when someone asks: “What did you do during this time?”
Public Hearing: Monday, December 8, 2008
2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. Berkeley City Council Meetings begin at 7:00 PM
READ the Peace and Justice Commission recommendation.
Please write and call Berkeley City Council Members to show your support for recommendedactions against John Yoo, Legal Advisor to the Bush administration and author of memos giving the green light for torture:
(kindly cc on your emails!)
Mayor: Tom Bates (510) 981-7100
District 1: Linda Maio (510) 981-7110
District 2: Darryl Moore (510) 981-7120
District 3: Max Anderson (510) 981-7130
District 4: Jesse Arreguin (510) 981-7140
District 5: Laurie Capitelli (510) 981-7150
District 6: Susan Wengraf (510) 981-7160
District 7: Kriss Worthington (510) 981-7170
District 8: Gordon Wozniak 510) 981-7180
WE ARE NOT YOUR SOLDIERS Tour moves from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area & New York City. Read Emma Kaplan’s report from Media Arts Academy, Los Angeles
Support World Can’t Wait as a national effort. Become a sustainer of $4RealChange.
Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime


Seven Global Currencies of the Indigenous Peoples

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Seven Global Currencies of the Indigenous Peoples

Seven Global Currencies Of the Indigenous Peoples
Life Sustaining Systems of Exchange and Reciprocity

Photo Jihan Gearon/IEN
An Evaluation Matrix for the Global Economy and Millennium Development Goals
Challenging the Marketing of Global Monetary Policy
United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznań, Poland 1-12 December 2008

The Commodification of the Future and the Battle for Middle Earth

They are called the market-based mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol, and were developed as means of meeting greenhouse reduction targets by the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol now meeting in Poznań, Poland at the United Nations Climate Conference. The decision making process at the UN Climate Conference is limited to those UN member government states who are signatories of the Kyoto Protocol, with limited participation of observers and side events and exhibits by Non-Governmental Organizations involved with environmental and economic issues from around the world. The last UN Climate Conference was in Bali in 2007.
These mechanisms, established under the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, have been institutionalized under a worldwide structure of international exchange and monitoring that includes Emissions Trading, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI). These three elements define the operational contractual framework that has created the global “carbon market”. Directed at the primarily at the accelerated deforestation of the ‘Middle Earth’ belt of forests that encircle the globe along the tropics, the priority of addressing deforestation is driven by the magnitude of carbon emissions that result from the deforestation of Middle Earth, critically exacerbating the volume greenhouse gases in the atmosphere resulting from human activity.
Yet, as the Kyoto Protocol signatories move towards negotiating a post 2012 arrangement regarding the commitments described in the Protocol which will be expiring at that time, there is mounting concern that the process of clearing the path for market-based schemes such as carbon trading have hijacked the global peoples movement of climate justice, and are being driven by a strategy of the industrialized north of evading emission cuts by buying carbon credits from the indigenous territories of Middle Earth especially, while continuing on the disastrous global trajectory of over-consumption by the rich countries of the world, again predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere.
For historical clarification, it was at the World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa in 2001 that Indigenous Peoples from around the world joined with the Durban Group for Climate Justice and declared:
“We therefore commit ourselves to help build a global grassroots movement for climate justice, mobilize communities around the world and pledge our solidarity with people opposing carbon trading on the ground.”
Within the framework of the so-called market based mechanisms, the issue of the REDD program (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) was the flashpoint for the demonstration of protest by the Abya Yala Caucus of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May of 2007. In contest were two contrasting versions of the position of the Indigenous Peoples in terms of the “carbon market” mechanisms, which had been strongly criticized and denounced by the attending delegates of the Indigenous Peoples for specific violations of the right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent and the Right of Self Determination. When these denunciations were not made part of the initial official report authored by the Permanent Forum, and instead the carbon market projects were promoted as examples of “Good Practice” the procedural facade of the Permanent Forum was revealed explicitly and the “Revolt” of the Indigenous Peoples pierced the veil of the “Carbon Offset” strategies being promoted by the World Bank and the global Corporatocracy. The commodification of the future of the entire planet – of the sky itself, was on the line, and the Indigenous Peoples stood not in revolt but in fulfillment as guardians of the destiny of Humanity. We can do no less, as we are the guardians of the roots of Humanity as well.
And now Poznań, Poland and the United Nations Climate Conference as it is called. Officially it is COP 14/CMP 4, being the 14th session of Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP14) and the 4th meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 4). The field of battle has shifted in scope and in tone, as the crisis of global financial systems unravels, and the blood of the so called Market Based approach to dealing with the issues of planetary climate change coagulates under the light of the critical gaze of a media connected global society. Another tipping point is reached, and a new hope awakens amid the darkening scenario of the melting of the artic tundra, species extinction, and the tragic disappearance of entire territories and human cultures due to the effects of global warming.
In fact these mechanisms are not truly “market based” but only represent the marketing of Global Monetary Policy which favors the profitability of corporations, the balance of trade among UN government states, and the financial and psychological control systems of the global regime of fiat monetary systems, whose masters of transaction are the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Left out of the costs in the process of calculating market value is the cumulative systemic impact of ecological destruction, which derives from defining economic growth, prosperity and markets in the artificially manipulated financial terms of global capitalism. And once again, those who pay most dearly are the Peoples and Territories of the Indigenous Peoples worldwide, which is a blatant form of not only Genocide but also should be prosecuted under the Indigenous Peoples Convention on Terracide: the murder of Mother Earth.
In this approach, never is the future of the Well Being of Humanity given a stakeholder position, much less acknowledged as the appropriate Rights Holder from whom we now only borrow for the present the blessings of the Mother Earth. Never will the future generations be a beneficiary of the Marketing of Global Monetary Policy, no matter how well camouflaged as an effective response to the very real crisis of climate change. Beyond the financial and economic framework, the schema of the government state itself (i.e. the UN system) as a complex adaptive system of global human society has proven incompetent to respond in scale to the ecological crisis of the issue of climate change and global warming. The perspective, participation and value systems of the Indigenous Peoples present the necessary and critical global infrastructure that underlie and supercede the fragmented and self-serving strategies of the government-state “market based” model.
We are the surviving remnants of the original ecology of humanity at a planetary level.
President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia has proposed a direct attack on the structural causes created by our human society that are the cause of planetary climate change, initiating critical discussion on the issues. We add our voice as Nican Tlacah Izkalotekah, Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala, to affirm that Free, Prior, and Informed Consent also applies to the formulation of a new conceptual global economic framework that integrates the Indigenous Peoples, outside the bounds of the monetary regimes of capitalism, to address the climate change issue. The Confederation of the Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth are called to gather our strength and stand against the oncoming tide of destruction and co-optation, holding to the ancestral principles which are the foundation of Humanity in the Four Directions: Respect, Inclusiveness, Reciprocity-Community, and Peace. This is the Tianquiztli of Community Ecology, where the real currencies of exchange and reciprocity continue to serve as the roots of our global future in order to nurture the sustainability of our planetary Human Development.
And so we offer the ancient understandings of our ecological and economic principles of well being, as Relatives to all Life on Earth.


Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples
Tel: (602) 254-5230
P.O. Box 24009 Phoenix, AZ 85074

Seven Global Currencies Of the Indigenous Peoples
Life Sustaining Systems of Exchange and Reciprocity

An Evaluation Matrix for the Global Economy and Millennium Development Goals
The Breath of Life
The Water of Life
The Givers of Life
The Sustainers of Life
The Foundation of Life
The Sharers of Life
The Seed of Life
The Breath of Life: The Air, Winds and Atmosphere
The Water of Life: The Waters, the Clouds, Waterways, Rivers and Streams, and Oceans
The Givers of Life: The Sacred Species: Buffalo, Deer, Salmon, and Eagle
The Sustainers of Life: Corn, Beans. Squash (agriculture)
The Foundation of Life: The Land and Territory, Mother Earth
The Sharers of Life: Community, Clans and Pueblos and Nations
The Seed of Life: The Spirit, The Light : Quetzalcoatl

Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples
Tel: (602) 254-5230
P.O. Box 24009 Phoenix, AZ 85074
Restless Native: The Commodification of the Future and the Battle for Middle Earth

All Nation Singers and Medicine Warriors

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All Nation Singers and Medicine Warriors

Photos by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
SAN FRANCISCO –The All Nations Singer and Medicine Warriors dancers at the AIM-West 40-Year Reunion in San Francisco in Nov. 2008. Watch the calendar at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland for future events. Listen to this performance on Earthcycles, (scroll down to Gilbert Blacksmith file) Photo Brenda Norrell
Intertribal Friendship House Calendar, Dec. 2008
Running until Dec. 13th — Paul Owns the Sabre Art Exhibit at Intertribal Friendship House
Dec 5 – IFH/SNAG Holiday Market 7- midnight
Dec 6 – Indigenous Permaculture 10-2, Native AA 10:30-11:30am, Native Parenting 12-2pm
Dec 9 – Beading Class 6:30 pm
Dec 10 — IITC Free Community Human Rights Training 7-9:30 pm
Dec11 – Medicine Warriors/All Nations Drum Practice 7-9 pm
Dec 13 – Medicine Warriors/All Nations Drum Anniversary Event 1 – 8 pm
Dec 16 – Beading Class 6:30 pm
Dec 18- Medicine Warriors/All Nations Drum Practice 7-9 pm
Dec 20 – IFH Holiday Celebration
Dec 23 – Beading Class 6:30 pm
Dec 30 – Beading Class 6:30 pm
Intertribal Friendship House523 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94606 — 510-836-1955


Voices From the Past

DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — The first time Jose Freeman heard his tribe’s lost language through the crackle of a 70-year-old recording, he cried.

“My ancestors were speaking to me,” said Freeman of the sounds captured when American Indians still inhabited California’s Salinas Valley. “It was like coming home.”

While the last native speaker of Salinan died almost half a century ago, more and more indigenous people are finding their extinct or endangered tongues, one word or song at a time, thanks to a late linguist and some University of California, Davis scholars who are working to transcribe his life’s obsession.

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Navajo Power Plant

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)—The federal government has decided to give people another 30 days to review a massive document on the potential impacts of a proposed coal-fired power plant that the nation’s largest Indian reservation is looking to as its economic salvation.

The $3 billion Desert Rock Energy Project would be capable of producing enough electricity for up to 1.5 million homes in cities across the Southwest while bringing in tens of millions of dollars each year in tax revenues, lease payments and royalties for the Navajo Nation.

The Department of Interior made the decision to extend the comment period Friday, a day after criticism erupted when the agency’s Bureau of Indian Affairs issued a last call for comments on the plant’s draft environmental impact statement

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Listen and Accept Our Voice

Listen and Accept Our Voice

Listen and Accept Our Voice, is a video presentation created in response to the Northern Territory and Federal Government’s ongoing program of dispossession, impoverishment, criminalization, and assimilation of indigenous communities in Australia — a program that was first brought forward in the summer of 2007, under the guise of “saving the children.”

The film consists of an interview with Batumbil, a member of the Yolngu Family/Nation in the Northern Territory. Batumbil and her people wish to share what they think and feel about the government and its attempt to break up and close down their community.

They have never had a chance to speak to the government directly.

Yolngu and other Indigenous peoples have been living on their Homelands since well before Settlement. And since Mission days they have continuously asserted their desire and intention to remain on these traditional lands.

However, current and recent Government policies have attempted, repeatedly, to force people off what is traditionally and legally, their own country.

These measures have included such things as rolling back basic services to which every Australian citizen is entitled, and shutting down Homeland Schools while simultaneously linking school attendance to eligibiliy for social security eligibility. And so on.

Homelands have been characterised as sites of social dysfunction, violence and backwardness. They have been described as ‘cultural museums’ and much worse.

But to Yolngu and other Indigenous people Homelands are the source of language, culture, law and life.

Listen and Accept Our Voice