Earthcycles web radio returns to the air live

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SAN FRANCISCO — Earthcycles web radio returns to the air live during
November. From Monday, Nov. 24, through Friday, Nov. 28, Earthcycles
will broadcast live from San Francisco, with coverage of the events of
40th anniversary of the American Indian Movement AIM-West, the
International Indian Treaty Council and Alcatraz Island.
Earthcycles producer Govinda Dalton, and cohost Brenda Norrell, will
be in San Francisco for the week to host the live show.
Dalton, who lives in northern California, and Norrell, based in
Tucson, were cohosts of the Longest Walk Talk Radio, on the five-month
Native American walk across America.
The same issues covered by the Longest Walk Talk Radio will be
highlighted in this month’s weeklong, on-air coverage, including the
proliferation of coal mines, power plants and drilling in Indian
country; the militarization of the US borders and the oppression and
violations of human rights of Indigenous Peoples around the globe.
As we plan our programming, we would like to hear from you. Please
contact us if you have interviews or issues to include.
Listen to Earthcycles and the Longest Walk five-month series at:
In solidarity, Brenda Norrell
Photo: Earthcycles bus in DC near the US Capitol, when the Longest
Walk arrived in DC in July of 2008. Photo Brenda Norrellg

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Palin Will Continue to Steal Cookies, She Says.

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A newly released interview of Sarah Palin by KTUU and the Anchorage Daily News has left me speechless. I had to listen to it twice before I could really believe it. It’s a little over nine minutes, but it’s so filled with red meat, it’s going to keep me busy all day.

Here’s the first installment:

Remember “per diem gate”? It was one of Sarah’s many “gates” that came to light shortly after her nomination, and was revealed at the same time as “travel gate,” both of which were discovered by the Washington Post back in early September. It was a little embarrassing that we needed the Washington Post to discover our governor’s dirty little financial secrets, but it was better to know than not know. This one may not have incensed the average voter in the rest of the country, but up here, the implications were huge.

Alaskans are not pleased by fiscal shenanigans. We are a frugal people and wasteful spending is not going to win you fans. Fiscal conservatism is the mantra that gets people into office. Remember former Governor Murkowski and his spendy private jet? Part of Palin’s fiscal conservative label came from selling that jet, which had become a symbol of outrageous spending that a sitting governor charged to the state. Here’s the background:

Veterans groups sue VA over claims delays

Two powerful veterans groups that span generations, the Vietnam Veterans of America and the more recent Veterans of Modern Warfare, announced Monday that they are suing the Department of Veterans Affairs over “unacceptable delays” in veterans claims.

The lawsuit demands that the VA provide an initial decision on every veteran’s claim for disability benefits within 90 days and resolve appeals within 180 days, and seeks relief to provide a lifeline of interim benefits if the VA delays last beyond the limit.

According to a VMA press statement, “The VA acknowledges that it takes an average of at least six months to reach an initial decision on an average benefits claim; the actual delay is closer to a year. Appeals of these initial decisions, which are reversed more than 50 percent of the time, take, on average, more than four years,with some stretching 10 years or more. In contrast, private healthcare plans – which process more than 30 billion claims a year – process claims and related appeals in less than three months.”

The VVA, whose motto is “never again will one generation of veterans abandon another,” adopted the VMW as their legacy group. VMW focuses upon helping veterans who have served since the 1991 Persian Gulf War, including Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Julie Mock

“We’re hoping or a lot of success with this lawsuit,” said VMW president Julie Mock, of Woodinville north of Seattle.Mock, a 1991 Gulf War veteran who developed service-connected multiple sclerosis, said “we have many, many Gulf War veterans who still have not been service-connected for their illnesses. They have been waiting all this time and fighting the system for 16 years for illnesses that are clearly Gulf War related.”

Mock said she also hopes to convince the Obama administration to name a woman veteran to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, which would be a first, as women have served in increasingly numbers. In keeping with the VVA motto, she said the growing needs of women veterans cannot be abandoned but must be included more in VA considerations.

By the way, if there is any confusion over differing VMW Web sites, the organization is in the process of updating and changing its online page from to


Indigenous Holiday Market & Concert in Oakland

SNAG Magazine and IFH
Intertribal Friendship House
523 International Blvd., Oakland, CA US
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When: Friday, December 5, 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
FREE EVENT!! Support local artists! Forget the Mall: Buy Your Beautiful Affordable Handmade Holiday Gifts Here! LIVE PERFORMANCES: Audiopharmacy, Jeremy Goodfeather, Quese IMC, Brwn Bflo, Sista Hailstorm! DJ’s Wonway and Offerings! Youth Performances & Guest Poets!TRADITIONAL DANCE/MUSIC: Medicine Warrior Dancers, Robinson Rancheria Pomo Dancers, All Nations Drum & Hoop Dancer Sage Romero! ART GALLERY with Native artists! Sustainable and Organic FOOD by Indigenous Permaculture! LIVE MURAL Created on-the-spot with Youth Participation Provided by Visual Element Program of East Side Arts Alliance! It’s a FREE THANK YOU PARTY FOR THE commUNITY! ALL AGES/ NO DRUGS NO ALCOHOL EVENT! FIND OUT MORE AT SNAGMAGAZINE.COM.


‘Uranium traces’ at Syrian site

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Traces of uranium have been found at a Syrian installation suspected of being a nuclear plant, diplomats linked to the UN’s nuclear watchdog have said.

The traces could have come off equipment or inspectors’ clothes, but still needed more investigation, the diplomats told journalists at the IAEA.

The leak by unofficial sources was denounced by the Vienna-based watchdog which is due to report on its findings.

Standing Tall for Native American Day

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An unprecedented event happened in South Dakota 18 years ago, an event that has not been equaled by any other state: South Dakota adopted October 12 as a state holiday to be called Native American Day.

By selecting October 12, South Dakota eliminated, for all intent and purpose, Columbus Day as a holiday. But the ensuing 18 years have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that old habits are hard to break.

The Native American Day holiday did not occur by happenstance. It certainly was not anything advocated by the state’s largest newspapers, television or radio stations, or by the state’s 100 weekly newspapers. It was instead a holiday advocated by the only independent, Indian-owned weekly newspaper in the state, The Lakota Times

Feds look to bring in rape claims, more witness in 1975 AIM slaying trial

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Federal prosecutors handling the 1975 slaying of a woman want to include testimony at trial alleging one of the defendants raped her and statements made by several other people involved, according to court documents.

John Graham and Richard Marshall have pleaded not guilty to charges they committed or aided and abetted the first-degree murder of Annie Mae Aquash on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

They are scheduled to stand trial in Rapid City starting Feb. 24, 33 years to the day after her body was found in the Badlands near Wanblee.