Shameless call for material for the book”Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance:

In addition to writing this blog I also write 4-5 other blogs and have taken over the responsibility of getting “The Shundahai Network” web site running, again.

After our Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone People passed, last July- Corbin Harney, thing sorta fell apart.

But we are up and running again, I am also getting my 18 year old son enrolled in College in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition I am moving to Las Vegas, to be closer to Yucca Mountain, the proposed High-Level Radioactive Waste Suppository Repository, which is located on Traditional Western Shoshone Lands. These Lands encompass parts of several states, UT, CA, ID and NV . Things have been pretty busy lately and once again I am putting a call out to ask for any Video’s, Audio recordings, memories of Shundahai Network actions and also the same for any Corbin Harney Materials.

Nuclear and Indigenous Items of Interest

This WordPress Bog also dedicated to Corbin Harney has only been live for 3 weeks. it has over 2000+(NOW OVER 5,000+) hit so far and has been mentioned in the WordPress blog also. It is at
Come check it out as it will be part of the new Web site,which is currently undergoing renovations. Please visit “The Shundahai Network” web site at . Please note some of the material is out of date, but soon will be caught up and this blog will be incorporated into the new site.
Here is some info about myself and the book”The Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance”( actually the book will cove times prior to the forming of The Shundahai Network and, also times after, Corbin passed, bringing it up to the present day status.

About Gregor

Hi, I’m Gregor Gable but remember that much of the material is a little out of date

I’m a Indigenous Rights, Social Justice and Anti-Nuclear Activist. I believe we need to break the Nuclear Cycle to save this Planet. I worked for 20+ years at the Nevada Test Site, doing non-violent direct actions. I was the very first person arrested at Yucca Mountain. I was arrested uncountable (hundreds) times at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). I am also writing a book “The Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance”. In addition, I am making a DVD/CD of Corbin’s Harney(Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, who has passed over)last Public Sunrise Ceremonies & Songs(with his verbal permission as seen on DVD). If you wish to contribute materials, Audio, visual or memories of Shundahai Network (SN), contact me : gregornot AT and I will send my snail mail address for mailing photos or audio or video materials.

Shundahai Friends,

Those of you who wish to send Audio. Video, Photos,Stories or uplifting memories of Corbin Harney (including who,what, where) for part of the book honoring Corbin and the Shundahai Network,”The Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance” may mail them to Gregor Gable (Web Master of Shundahai Network Domain and a personal friend of 20 + years) :

All materials will be returned and proper credit will be given in the book. Please print clearly your snail mail address, so that I may return materials, along with a note given me permission to use the materials in this book. This is a Book Corbin Harney authorized me to write, and I have been working on it for quite a while.

This is a record of Corbin’s non-stop fight against radioactivity and his attempts to have the traditional lands returned to the Newe people(after it had been cleaned up) under the Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863 and the people who helped him know as The Shundahai Network.

Shundahai, gregor

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1 thought on “Shameless call for material for the book”Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance:

  1. As the wise Jim Kaat quote: “I’ll never be considered one of the all-time greats; maybe not even one of the all-time goods. But I’m one of the all-time survivors.” – I’m truly looking forward to reading more of your articles

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