Your Handy-Dandy Guide To White House Corruption

Your Handy-Dandy Guide To White House Corruption

July 26, 2008 · 1 Comment

Are you confused by the tangled web of criminal indictments, subpoenas and investigations going on against the White House? The hiring and firing of Justice officials, the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes, the use of persuasive torture to interrogate and wiretapping? Misleading the country and Congress into going to war? Whewwww. It isn’t easy. Luckily, Slate has an interactive Venn Diagram to help you understand the crimes and who has been implicated in each.

Click pic for Slate's chart.

Click pic for Slate’s chart.

Slate was a goldmine today. Apparently if you want to get into the hearts and minds of our White House political-criminal element you have to… watch 24’s Jack Bauer?

Anyone watching both the White House and Fox saw the correlations between the two. Prior to now, however, I had believed it was the administration which had inspired the television show. Apparently, thats not the only case. Slate has recorded a number of different instances in which White House officials cited the show 24 with the CIA vigilante. Ironic as the excitement of the show is precisely in the lawlessness of it. Here are some excerpts.

…According to British lawyer and writer Philippe Sands, Jack Bauer—played by Kiefer Sutherland—was an inspiration at early “brainstorming meetings” of military officials at Guantanamo in September of 2002. Diane Beaver, the staff judge advocate general who gave legal approval to 18 controversial new interrogation techniques including water-boarding, sexual humiliation, and terrorizing prisoners with dogs, told Sands that Bauer “gave people lots of ideas.”…

…Michael Chertoff, the homeland-security chief, once gushed in a panel discussion on 24 organized by the Heritage Foundation that the show “reflects real life…”

…Even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, speaking in Canada last summer, shows a gift for this casual toggling between television and the Constitution. “Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. … He saved hundreds of thousands of lives,” Scalia said. “Are you going to convict Jack Bauer?”…

…U.S. interrogators rarely if ever encounter a “ticking time bomb,” someone with detailed information about an imminent terror plot. But according to the Parents’ Television Council (one of several advocacy groups to have declared war on 24), Jack Bauer encounters a “ticking time-bomb” an average of 12 times per season. Given that each season allegedly represents a 24-hour period, Bauer encounters someone who needs torturing 12 times each day!..

…If you’re a fan of 24, you’ll enjoy The Dark Side. There you will meet Mamdouh Habib, an Australian captured in Pakistan, beaten by American interrogators with what he believed to be an “electric cattle prod,” and threatened with rape by dogs. He confessed to all sorts of things that weren’t true. He was released after three years without charges. You’ll also meet Maher Arar, a Canadian engineer who experienced pretty much the same story, save that the beatings were with electrical cables. Arar was also released without explanation…


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2 thoughts on “Your Handy-Dandy Guide To White House Corruption

  1. Ha, thanks for the repost, though I’ll admit when I hadn’t seen a pingback from you and your title came up on the wordpress political blogs, I almost screamed rip-off.

    It’s all good though, just had to scroll to the bottom of the page.

  2. I always leave a tip of the hat gif, when I report a good article and include URL that so you get the credit,
    Thanks for a good article,gregor

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