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CARLSBAD — The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s efforts toward solving the secrets of the universe will be acknowledged next week.
The WIPP site’s Enriched Xenon Observatory Project will hold a ribbon cutting Wednesday at the WIPP underground. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., will be the VIP guest at the invite-only kickoff. Domenici will also appear in Carlsbad this week at a CARC Inc. event.
The project, a particle physics collaboration led by Stanford University, has developed what’s called an EXO-200 detector. The device is being set up within WIPP’s underground because of the low background radiation levels at the underground nuclear waste repository. Those invited to next week’s event will get a chance to see the equipment up close.
The detector, according to information provided by the Department of Energy, will be used by scientists to try to unlock secrets about the origins of matter and anti-matter by measuring the mass of a subatomic particle, the neutrino. The machine is working, but is not yet being used to collect official data.